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So you're looking for web hosting but you don't really know what you are looking for in a hosting Company. In this quick guide in plain English we cover
    ✓    Web Hosting Storage and Safety,
    ✓    Web Hosting Bandwidth,
    ✓    Web Hosting Linux or Windows.

If you have any questions about Web Hosting with Blue Sky Hosts or with any other hosting company just ask, we think that by helping you and being the best web hosting provider on the planet you will eventually use one of our Web Hosting Services.

Bigger is not always better!

Web hosting with unlimited bandwidth

This is probably the first and most common mistake made by people looking for web hosting. Firstly no company can provide unlimited bandwidth everything has a limit. Basically their web hosting plan is based on the premise that most users don't know what they want and will think every host is the same so the more you get for less the better.

Unlmited bandwidth in your web hosting
is the worst thing to have. If you are provided with unlimited bandwidth it means that you are sharing your bandwidth with everyone else on that server in an unlimited fashion, this means you can expect to have your site slow and barely reachable at certain parts of the day when someone else is using up high proportions of bandwidth, peak hours will mean you all suffer, or if one site which needs 100GB of traffic is stealing it all when all you needed was .5% of that.
Bandwidth is never unlimited and as such when you get an influx of users it will squeeze what is available and slow everyone down. The best solution is to have a dedicated amount of bandwidth for your web hosting that is just for your site. Blue Sky Hosts offer a set bandwidth amount which can easily be increased at any time. Most users don't go beyond 1GB of bandwidth, but some will be shooting up to 30GB at certain times.

We had a site recently, hosted with us (hopeforhearing.co.uk), that hit 3 major newspapers and national news TV (for good reasons) and as a result we needed to increase their bandwidth to accommodate, we made no charge for this fluctuation as we knew it would again come back down. If this client had been with another provider it would have squeezed the shared bandwidth between all clients and everyone would have suffered and left their site unreachable. Our customers actually get what they pay for, no one can steal that bandwidth as it is dedicated to that user.

Web Hosting, Linux or Windows.

Linux Web Hosting is by far the best. We only offer Linux hosting so we would say that. But lets make it clear why we are so biased. Firstly Linux is open source and free to host providers this means Linux is always going to be cheaper and always going to have developers making it better. Windows hosting is always going to be more expensive and less available. The fact is if you search for Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting you will find around 50% more Linux Hosting accounts available than Windows (search for this on google if you want to do more research) A good site is Host Shopper, http://www.host-shopper.com/windows-vs.-linux-hosting.html but please don't visit them until you've started hosting with us!
Linux Web Hosting is Free software for the server provider to use so savings get passed to you.
Linux Web Hosting is open source so hundreds of thousands of scripts are going to work on it.
Linux Web Hosting is user friendly especially with cPanel and has 1 click installs for most major scripts.

If you are trying to work out how much space you need for your web hosting.

Web Hosting Bandwidth

Think of this like people drinking your water, you have a bottle full and every time someone visits your website they drink some of your water, once it's gone it will need topping up, we set it to the perfect amount for all your customs and more, usually 1GB will do, by keeping an eye on usage you can top up if you think its getting low, every month it refreshes and fills up again, if it gets used up before the end of the month you can buy some more for hardly anything (for £1). Technically speaking the web hosting bandwidth is the data that is sent from our servers each time content is pulled from your site, so with every visit and click of the site information is transferred from the server to the user for viewing.

Web Hosting Storage.

This is how much space the actual site takes up, think of it like buying a house, if you have 10 children you are going to want a big house, if you only have 1 child a small house will probably do. In technical terms, how many pages and how much rich content will you have,  if you want to store lots of pictures, video and audio you may want to look at a few Gig, if you only have simple pages with buttons and text with a few images you really won't need anything more than 1 GB (all our hosting plans come with at least 1GB)

Web Hosting Speed

We monitor the speed of our sites by keeping a close eye on all our servers making sure that no attacks are happening and keeping our good name on the internet. Basically your site will be squeaky clean and super fast for all your users. We have redundant power and storage so we are never stretched and run the fastest speeds in the world.
We use only enterprise quality hardware from Dell, SuperMicro, Juniper and Cisco.
All cabinets feature dual power circuits, and all servers feature dual power supplies, one connected to each circuit.
Data is stored on fault tolerant RAID disk arrays, and backed up daily and weekly to a separate data center

Safe Web Hosting -

So you think it might all go wrong….
Your website data and video media is critical to your online success, so our services are backed by Juniper, SuperMicro and Dell enterprise hardware. Servers feature dual power supplies paired to dual power circuits in each of our server cabinets, RAID storage to protect your data, and offsite backups for the ultimate in disaster recovery protection. We are one of the few service providers in the economy hosting space offering this level of protection for your data!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

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